tall chai latte

it bothers me that i like these so much.

on the other hand, the steamy cup of sweet caffeinated delight (plus a couple of my wife’s delicious ginger and white chocolate chip cookies!) got me past my recent defeatist phase. i’ve been wallowing for a few days. still writing, but only the bare minimum. not feeling the vibe.

instead, thanks in part to said tea and cookies, i decided to stop feeling and start doing again. thus, i nearly finished the outline for Running on Empty this afternoon. only some specifics regarding the final confrontation remain, and i may even let those remain non-specific, and see what trouble that leaves me with when i get there.

so there.

    • i still remember the first time i had one: Newport, Rhode Island, February, raw, cold and blustery night, mmmm……
      fortunately for my nerves and wallet, though, the nearest starbucks is 20 minutes away on the highway, the next one is almost twice as far.

  1. I had to teach myself how to make chai or I’d have bankrupted myself in grad school :) An Indian friend of mine taught me the trick of leaving a pot to simmer on the stove with a couple tea bags and a bag of spices, topping up periodically with milk and honey. Infinite chai! Works remarkably well and makes your house smell awesome.

  2. Well, it’s a matter of personal preference, but I would toss in a couple cardamom pods, a piece of cinnamon stick, a couple cloves, some black peppercorns, some ground nutmeg, and a small knob of dried ginger. Whole spices work best — the nutmeg needs to be topped up from time to time, but you can get broken pieces (or break a nutmeg with a hammer for them) I bet a piece of vanilla bean would be tasty, or maybe some dried orange peel (scraped of pith).

  3. very belated thanks for this, john! i’ve been a slacker lately, but i’m going to try the chai out this weekend. it sounds delicious.

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