running on empty – draft 1 – day 1 (finally!)

the outline has been done for a couple weeks, but other things have taken priority. i’ve kept at my 5 minutes a day, though, which i finally started using to force myself to start writing Running on Empty (the novel version). yes, other things have been going on, but i’ve learned that i can always make time if i really want to. so, i finally wanted to badly enough.

it started out on the backs of scrap pieces of paper, where i scribbled down one of the first scenes while in a bleary pre-sleep state but determined to delay no more. each night i pushed a little further, and each night the 5 minutes grew longer and longer, while my alertness increased. this wasn’t doing great things for my sleep, and this morning i finally made a complete first step. i spent a few hours above the garage gathering together these bits of paper and journal entries into a single place, and working from there. at the end of it, i had almost 4 pages of hand-written work.

and it felt great!

perfect? of course not. i don’t care. it’s good, i’m having fun again, and i can’t ask for more.

so, starting today, i’m back to 3 pages (hand-written) every day. no matter what. (okay, i might take christmas day off. sue me.)

it’s been 5 months since i finished Another Night at the End of the World, and it’s great to be back at it.

p.s. – i also processed the handful of rejections i’ve received over the past couple weeks, resubmitting several out to other markets. i need to keep on top of this better.