RoE.d1.day8 – what do professional writers do?

perhaps you** noticed there was no day 7 entry? that’s because there was no day 7 writing. while day 6 saw about a page of journal scribbling* before bed, day 7 saw nothing, beginning to end.

now, i’ve complained a bit here lately about the impact of my day jobs, particularly the end-of-semester craziness for school work, that i’ve put in hours and hours of time there, that i’m exhausted by the end of it, that i’m not getting enough sleep…

waa. waa. waa.

what a crock. most professional writers have as many other obligations as i do, many have more (especially those with children!). so what do they do when the other things feel so heavy?

they keep writing, dammit. that’s why they’re professionals.

if i want the time badly enough, i’ll find it or make it.

that said, i did not want to get up at 5:30 this morning. my wife did, though, in preparation for her half-hour drive to the gym to get in enough exercise time before work. fridays i can skip out, because i don’t work on campus that day and we’ve only got one car, so i’m ‘stuck’ at home while she wakes up in the dark to go work out.

thankfully, i have a well-developed guilt complex.

when she got up, i dragged myself up, too. mind you, i still had no plans for writing, today. i was still in yesterday’s funk. after a half-hour on our treadmill, i was still on the fence, but when i finished off the last of the latest round of essay grades*** and i still had a couple hours before the other day job, i knew what i had to do.

two hours later, i had 5+ pages done**** and i was chomping at the bit to keep going.

that’s what professional writers do. they keep writing.

* in the quiet of the bathroom, since my wife was already sound asleep by that time and the incessent and erratic scritching of my pencil across the page is bloody annoying

** lest anyone feel left out, i’m clearly using the shortened form of the plural here, to encompass all you vast and unruly horde of readers

*** and, if i’m honest, the DCUO beta servers were down

**** while i’m fairly certain the bulk of this material will not make it directly into the novel, it is one of those ‘unprinted’ chapters, written down but never included in the final copy. instead, its presence is an influence on the story, providing depth and reference for me as i go. and, if i’m really really lucky, it will


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