RoE.d1.days9-10 – fits and starts

i’d already turned off the computer last night before i convinced myself to at least try to write some more on the story, but i did at least manage a full page before opting for sleep.

this morning, though, i started right in and got 5 more pages done. and it’s not yet 7am!*

i like this material, too. more and more of this is going to make it into the final draft, i think. this particular character is giving me a lot of unexpectedly great stuff. he was just a name i put down in my early outlines, and though he got a bit more character as i finalized those, he was still entirely a tertiary figure. actually, he still is tertiary to the main plot, but his presence has given me the ability to reveal various elements to the reader without flat exposition. i hope, anyway. more than this, though, he sets up an excellent subordinate plot that gives the whole thing a lot more grounding and realism that i had wanted but didn’t know how to achieve.

i do love writing.

also, i’ve been getting a steady flow of rejections on the various submissions i have out there. it’s been good practice for me to keep up on these submissions, working them through the main markets i’m aiming for, seeing which are best suited, etc. i’ve even gotten a personal rejection for one of them, which is a rarity, and while it did list what didn’t work, the reader also pointed out a number of things that did work, too, which was awesome.

of course, rejections are still rejections, at the end of the day, but really, they don’t matter. i still love writing.

* which is what happens when the morning itself starts at 4am thanks to an unhappy belly