RoE.d1.day11-12 – trying to hold on

i’m having a hell of a time getting out of this 3rd mini-chapter. well, it was supposed to be a mini-chapter. i know it’s already way too long and i know i’m falling behind, but i think i’ve finally found the proper doorway in. i hope so, anyway.

yesterday was another 1+ page day, but today was 3+ pages. again, i didn’t want to, but half a cup of black tea and a delicious frosted brownie* helped get me above the garage, thankfully. that puts me at 28 pages, or roughly 8 pages behind my estimate of 3/day. tomorrow morning i’ll be 11 pages behind.

i know this isn’t necessarily a healthy way to think about it, but, well, i do. what can i say? i’m still learning.

* an entirely unexpected but very appreciated gift!