humiliation: the best teacher evah

so, i am an ass.

following directly on the heels of the announcement that i just had a story published, i have learned that the version of that story that is published is rife with grammatical errors, and it is out there for all to see.

my fault.

completely, totally, 100% my fault.

moreover, i did not read through the story completely when it was posted this week to make sure that all was well, and so it fell to my parents to point the issue out.

yep. my parents.

to be fair, who else would be willing to tell you that your writing has genuine errors in it? it’s rather like the rare times when i attempt to dress myself without my wife to doublecheck that i’m not wearing stripes with plaids, sneakers with slacks, that sort of thing.

only, it’s worse than that. i pride myself on attention to detail when it comes to my writing*. how am i to be taken seriously if my published work is filled with incomplete sentences and awkward phrasings**?

it is deeply humiliating, and i did it to myself. well, i suppose that’s better than being humiliated by someone else. on the up-side, as someone said to me today, i will never let it happen again.

ah, learning experiences.

* less so, with fashion, obviously.

** okay, maybe not “filled with”, but definitely “peppered with”, or perhaps “lightly salted by”…

  1. Just wait until you have the pleasure of editors inserting mistakes for you. :)

    I find that letting Word read my stories aloud catches most of those nitty little errors. I don’t send a story out without doing that first.

    • That’s a interesting idea about having Word read it aloud. I hadn’t thought of that. I know I should read it aloud myself, but I honestly do not do it often enough. I try, but I get lazy, which obviously shows. It’s a learning experience, though. I will definitely give the auto-read a go, though.

      Hm. I wonder if I could self-podcast these? Have the computer read it aloud and record at the same time overnight (with the speakers down, obviously), then I could listen to it on the way to and from work. Hm. Now I’m going to have to figure that out. Thanks!

      As for adding mistakes, that’s just crazy talk, isn’t it?

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