enough moaning; move on, already

no more wasting time bemoaning what i didn’t do; it’s time to get back to the actual doing.

to that end, i have passed the halfway mark of final revisions for Another Night… and i am getting steadily more excited about it. i was in a funk, but i have decided to stop giving in, and it’s coming along. it’s a snow-day here today, but the joy of telecommuting is that i can still work my other job.* however, when that is finished, i hope to get some more done on the revisions and see maybe another 20 pages done by the end of the day. perhaps a bit high-reaching, but we’ll see.

oh, and a bit of snow-shoeing while the flakes still fall. i keep not doing it, and i don’t want to miss another chance.

* which is good, because i like to be able to pay the bills and eat food.