playmobil zombies?

it’s been another interesting week of dreams in bill’s head this week, and the playmobil zombies were the best of the lot, i think.

the vast majority of my dreams tend to fall into a couple categories: chase dreams and dreams that make me question my sanity.

the chase dreams are easy enough, though i rarely connect them with my day to day experiences. i don’t usually feel like i’m being hunted or that i can’t reach some place or other, though i’m sure that kind of anxiety is lurking around in my daily life somewhere. these may also range from the more realistic (chased through a building by bad guys of some ilk, a la Die Hard) to the more, um, fantastical (hunted by monkeys with laser guns*). overall, these dreams are generally good for making me wake up tired.

the other dreams, though, are the ones like the playmobil zombies. i’m not a zombie fan, nor have i ever been, and i don’t think i’ve ever owned a playmobil toy. do they make zombies? maybe. why did i dream this week that i was involved with playmobil zombies (and not being chased, apparently, more as a bystander of some sort)? i have no idea and can’t make any connections to recent events in my life. then there’s last night’s dream in which one of our local music directors (!) was dressed like some strange version of the bad guy costume from the Scream movies (!!) and doing evil genius kind of stuff in song (!!!).

seriously, where do i get this stuff? i like orchestral music, sure, but i hate** scary movies and have never seen the Scream films, and the last time i even recall thinking about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog was back when it came out two and a half years ago.

mind you, i’m not complaining. i’ll take my dreams over the ‘naked in an interview/test’ dreams any day. mine are way cooler.

* this particular dream with the monkeys and laser guns has stuck with me because it was a Saturday morning and i told my wife about it after i woke up. a half hour later i turned on the tv to a new cartoon about monkeys with laser guns. not kidding.

** read: ‘am totally petrified by’