i hate query letters

i may have mentioned this once or twice before*, but it remains entirely true.

case in point:

though i’ve had a solid query letter for Another Night… prepped and revised since i put the manuscript aside more than 6 months ago, i spent more than 2 hours this afternoon trying to tweak it to make it . . .

to make it what? perfect?

well, yes, but —

you do know that’s impossible, right?



yes, okay. i know. there’s no such thing as perfection. but if i’m left to my own devices, i will run in circles until i can’t see straight trying to find the perfect turn of phrase or arrangement of words** before i ever accept the reality that there’s such a thing as good enough.

thankfully (for the sake of both our sanity), my wife is able to return me to reality, and with more restraint and good nature than i would likely have in her place.

so tomorrow the letters go out.

* or three or four or five times…

** because that’s what it comes down to with this nonsense after a certain point!