glutton for punishment, but running (on empty) again!

what can i say? after all that blabber last night about needing to let go, i came back to it today to just send them, but i just couldn’t leave the bloody thing alone. it’s an illness.

i’m pretty satisfied with the result, though i can’t say it’s actually better than what i started out with. in any event, i’ve gone with it and sent a handful of queries out there, including one where i know i made a mistake, which would have been fine if i’d caught it before hitting ‘send’.

ah, well. it’s my own fault for letting all this get me in such a state.

in other and more enjoyable news, i’m back to Running on Empty! i actually picked it up again on friday. i wasn’t sure how i was going to get back into it, though. having taken this break to finish Another Night (thanks again, Rick!), i was a bit leery about my ability to pick up where i left off.

that fear was partly due to the break, but mostly due to the fact that i had left myself a major hurdle regarding the decision between doorstop and streamlined. i’d written 114 handwritten pages of interesting, involved, very cool stuff, but i hadn’t quite reached halfway, and that stuff was originally envisioned as occuping only the first 20+ pages. what’s more, the section i’d stopped at required a time jump of 2 full years, and a whole lot of things going on (and not going on) in that space.

the trouble was that i could really see this become an epic-sized piece. on the other hand, it could work just as well (better?) as a leaner piece.

so there i sat, above the garage with a cup of tea and a couple layers to keep me warm, trying to decide which way to go.

i very nearly started typing it all in, on the premise that i would be better suited to make that decision once i reviewed the a) brilliance or b) crap that those 114 pages consisted of.

thankfully, it was Uncle Jim to the rescue again, with the time-tested advice: get to the end first. i knew this in the back of my head, but was chickening out from the decision.

so, i started writing. i wasn’t sure what was going to come of it, but almost as soon as i put pencil to paper, the answer made itself clear, and 2 pages later, i’d covered those 2 years more effectively and more interestingly than any amount of detail.

streamlined it is.