RoE.d1.day42 – he’s not unpleasant; he’s mean

today’s 3 pages came in barely an hour, which is very cool, but i found myself unexpectedly dismayed with Herrick’s behaviour at one point.  

perhaps the most unnerving part is that i’m pretty sure i opened the door for this. when i started the writing today, i found myself writing him like another character altogether, charmingly snarky rather than generally unpleasant and world-weary. it didn’t take long to realize the mistake, so i skimmed back through some earlier pages to put myself back in tune with him. this worked, but perhaps too well. as soon as i started writing again, i almost dropped my pencil.

now, herrick’s not really a nice guy (he’s a minor league criminal, after all), but today he went and made some distinctly off-colour remarks that i was quite unprepared for. i think this is the first time this kind of thing has happened to me, and i’m not sure if that’s a good sign (characters becoming more realistic) or a bad one (something dark in me). i chose to side with the former as i wrote, but it still is causing me some concern. do i let them stand?

for now, i will, but i’m anxious about what kind of door this might be opening for the rest of the book.