RoE.d1.day48 – find an expert

today, herrick found himself under the thumb of some police types and i honestly don’t know the first thing about what really happens in such situations. i need to find somebody who does* to make it real. i may be able to tap some family for this one, so that will be on this weekend’s to-do list. i’ll keep writing as best i can guess for now to keep the momentum up, but i found myself describing what are surely cliches found in movie, tv, and so on, which is easy and distinctly not desirable.

writing-wise, it took a little to recover from yesterday’s slog, but the unexpected recurrence of a character previously only mentioned in passing opened a surprising door, both for herrick and for the story. while i wasn’t expecting it, herrick was far less than pleased. in a good way for the story, though.

poor guy.

* by which i mean a police officer, not a criminal, silly.