RoE.d1.day49 – giving secondary characters the love

while plotting RoE, i’d identified a handful of secondary characters at various points. for most, the background was basic, but in all cases i had a clear idea of who i thought these people were. as usual, however, i’ve discovered that initial expectations are rarely accurate. so, too, with today’s work. i originally identified one of the officers Herrick is dealing with as being a flexible, water-off-a-duck’s-back type of individual and i’ve been writing him that way. after several pages of struggling with his voice, though, interesting as it sometimes was, i discovered he wasn’t so much flexible as simply exhausted. he’s still a generally nice guy, but he’d put in overtime already, before the evening’s fiasco, and now he has to deal with Herrick, who isn’t trying to make things easier for anyone.

once i recognized this (why this stuff takes me so long to recognize, i don’t know), though, a whole series of things slipped easily into place, both as i was writing and in what i had written before. i’m not going back to change it now, but i can’t wait to get to this whole interrogation scene in the revision.