RoE.d1.day51 – on your mark, get set . . .

today was faster and slower progress. this morning was another good few pages, but then i hit a logistical hurdle i hadn’t planned for and slid to a stop.

the interrogation has become more complicated with the arrival of a new (to Herrick) character, which was expected, but the fairly significant step to get from this person’s arrival to the next major plot point had not been adequately considered. while there were numerous ways to get past this issue*, none of them worked for me. it had to be realistic. stupid realism.

thankfully, though, i finally broke through and then i was on fire. so much so that i got caught up in my page count (51 days, 155 pages)!

and now, Herrick is ready to make a good run for it.

* practically all of which were used in the significantly (and unexpectedly) disappointing film, Salt, which we watched last night. i’d been looking forward to this, not for Angelina Jolie, per se, but for the use of a mainstream female action hero (not Ripley in Aliens or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or even Angeline Jolie in the genuinely painful film whose title i cannot remember but whose plot revolved around the ability to throw bullets like curveballs – ’nuff said). i really wanted it to be good, and while there were some moments of quality, i was amazed at how little i enjoyed it. hm. is that because it was a woman? would i have given a man more leeway in the same situation? no. anyone in that ridiculous elevator descent scene would have been ludicrous.

  1. Okay, yes, that was pretty cool. Of course, all those table and chair legs being just the right size put me off, but I suppose that was being a bit too picky.

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