RoE.d1.day65 – have i mentioned i like backstory?

i know, i know, it’s really hard to move forward with a story when i move backward in time, but this one works. not only did it flow naturally (and entirely unexpectedly) from the scene as i wrote, but it also brought up a motif i’ve been hoping to weave back in, though i haven’t seen a good way to do so.

until this evening.

which, by the way, i had no high hopes for. after a full day at school, i wasn’t feeling the mojo really. however, after dinner, sweeping out the water in the basement (ah, winter rain), stoking the fire (supposed to be colder than cold overnight) and sending some more query-and-related emails (no responses means no rejections, right?), i decided to have a go, anyway.

can there be too much said for persistence? probably, but it’s a hard sell, especially after a great night like this: 5 pages, good backstory to enhance story depth, and ending with another kick to the seat of the pants!


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