RoE.d1.day66 – writing inside nested if…then…else loops

briefly, because i’ve given myself a headache with today’s writing, i think:

as the story reaches the end, a series of previously unconsidered questions have begun to squeeze out of the woodwork. most are questions that any average film would ignore entirely and probably succeed quite well without addressing. sadly, i can’t seem to write that way.*

so i spent today’s writing time in a series of asides and back-filling sections, some inside of others, others connected to previous ones, still others free-standing (and no less annoying). as i do all my first drafts in pencil, it became more than usually confusing** to keep track of where one piece ended and another began.

there was nothing for it, though. i had to get these out as they came to me, or they would be hiding away to ambush me later, when i was even less prepared. so, i kept on, patching hole after hole in earlier storylines, and crouching lower and lower over the page.

in the end, i finished with 5 pages of scribbled, scrawling, disconnected, re-organized, and variously enumerated sections, which, when i parse them out to their various threads in the 2nd draft, will create a tighter, cleaner, sharper story.***

not too shabby.

now, though, my head is killing me and i need food.****

* not intentionally, anyway.

** yes, dear wife, even more than usual

*** i wonder if i would be able to write like this if i didn’t have a programming background?

**** so much for brief, eh?


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