ah, the ‘business’ of the un-published

i haven’t blogged in a few days, and i’m about 5 pages behind in Running on Empty, which is rather hard to take because i’m right at the end, now, but i made a decision to take care of something that was cluttering my mind to a distracting degree.

specifically: query letters.

*gasp* horror!

and yet, i’m getting better at them. at least from a subjective point of view. i haven’t actually had any responses from agents or publishers that would validate this*, but i’m feeling like the stress is less in the writing of the query letter itself than in the dogged search for the proper audience.**

ah, well. complaining won’t solve anything.

doing will, though.

back to RoE!

* and their absence seems to actively invalidate this, but i’m not going to dwell on that.

** that said, i cannot but thank my wife yet again for her tireless assistance in this endeavor, as in all other things.

  1. Considering the drivelly crap I’ve been reading lately the fact that agents, etc. aren’t knocking down your door, let alone rejecting you dismays me. These people must know someone.

  2. well, i obviously agree, but i’m biased, so we keep plugging along and enjoying the journey. thanks for the encouragement, though!

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