how to go from page 6 to page 122 in 3 days . . .

throw out the hundred pages in the middle.

at least, that’s how i did it, as i’ve been typing up Running on Empty. i had forgotten just how much of a doorstop i’d started writing at the beginning of the book.

i think it’s all very cool stuff still, but i’m trying to Deppo my work sooner rather than later, and i spent the morning being ruthless about what was actually adding to the story.

sadly, that meant that i pulled out 102 pages.

on the other hand, it means i am free of that baggage.

i can always add pieces back in if necessary, but right now, this is the right thing for the story.

wasn’t easy, mind you, but i’m getting better at it.*

* says the guy who wrote 102 apparently unnecesary pages before he smartened up.

  1. very true. of course, instead of a chapter that will never be read, it’s almost a whole other book. on the other hand, revisions are crazy things . . .

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