here, again (plus a challenge to myself)

so, no, i haven’t actually been sick for the last 4 weeks, but i have been slow in getting back here. why? well, it’s the end of the semester, so teaching gets busier, and i’ve been fighting with a particularly insidious little problem in the web work which keeps feeling like three steps forward and two steps back.

i have also not stopped typing (RoE) and writing (new short story, untitled, lots of fun!). i haven’t always done as much as i’ve wanted to, but i’ve done it. there’s more to that, but i don’t have much time right now.

why not? because when i finished writing the first draft of Running on Empty back on the 22nd of March, i told myself i would have it all typed in by the end of the semester, which was almost 8 weeks away, then.

well, today is the final day of classes, so this is it. since i don’t have to teach today, i have a fighting chance of getting the last 39 handwritten pages typed up.

39 pages typed up in 1 day?


but that’s nearly 14000 words!


you’re delusional.

well, perhaps, but not so much in this case, because i recently purchased a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking and, while it’s certainly not perfect:

begin quote get up comma end quote he snapped at Gleason comma still holding tight to the man’s ankle period begin quote get up exclamation point end quote


“Get up,” he snapped at Gleason, still holding tight to the man’s ankle. “Get up!”

i’ve gotten rather used to it, and it to me, so i can do more than a 1500+ words in an hour when things are going well.  of course, there are also days when i only manage 1500 in a whole day because I need to revise a plot point that no longer makes sense or i have to spend time finding and aligning various puzzle pieces i’ve left for myself in the writing.

this weekend, though, i worked my way through the last major (i hope) and the rest is a wild race to the climax, which should go relatively smoothly.

but not if i don’t get started!