RoE.d2 – almost done!

i just finished the typing/dictation for Running on Empty, which means it’s all on the computer now, which is excellent.

The ‘almost’, however, refers to the fact that while Dragon well and truly saved my hands and wrists from my normal post-first draft carpal tunnel suffering, it isn’t perfect. it’s very, very good, but i rushed a bit on Monday and the recognition yielded up some really quite laughable results, as I’ve discovered on skimming back.

so, it’s all on the computer, but it’s not really finished. i’m going to take a short break (the biggest problem i’ve had so far with Dragon** is the earphones, which inevitably press the bows of my glasses between my ears and my skull**) and then see if I can focus on ONLY the sections that were dictated, and hold myself to just the language fixes, not any more revision.

i would not suggest holding your breath.


* and the revision that goes along with all that i do

** aside from the fact that it comes up with the most amazing alternatives to my phrasing of the exclamation point punctuation mark. i say “exclamation point” and Dragon types “escalation point” or “summation point” or “estimation point” or “this commision point” or “exhalation point” and so on. everything else is pretty amazingly accurate (?, *, -, em dashes, etc.), but not “!”. weird.

*** and without any hair to speak of, there’s no extra cushion.