9 months?

Nine months away from the blog. Sorry about that.

And that’s all you have to say for yourself?


No explanation? Nothing? You’ve been gone long enough to have a baby, for crying out loud.

Well, not quite, actually . . .

Excuse me?

Nothing. I was just saying . . . Nevermind.

So, after 9 months of utter silence, all you have is this silly post of you pretending to talk to yourself?

It’s the best I could come up with.

And you call yourself a writer?

On good days, yes.

Which this is clearly not one of.


Just calling it like I see it.

Okay, this was a bad idea.

Perhaps, but it was your bad idea.

Fair point.

  1. Only took me 4 months to notice that you don’t work here anymore, miss you and come check your blog to see what’s been going on.

  2. Heh, I don’t know where my comment went. Somewhere seeking approval, I imagine. But apparently I can’t count. It’s been 6 months hasn’t it?

    • Riley! What a great surprise! I miss you too, but timing is everything, as I’ve only just started up again here. As for however many months it’s been, they’ve shot by faster than expected, so no worries at all. And hey, you found me, which is incredibly cool! Hope you’re staying busy and things are well.

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