the truth will set you free…

but first it will make you miserable.

this maxim occurs to me in conjunction with my current effort at self-publishing. entirely aside from the psychological steps i needed to make (and the sleep i needed to lose), the individual and quite particular steps of creating a polished digital copy are surprisingly numerous and remain unexpectedly obtuse in places.

of course, much of that is because i am determined to do everything possible to make it ‘right’, crossing all possible t’s and dotting all possible i’s, which leaves me second- and triple- and quadruple-guessing every step of the process, comparing against other books, researching alternative, and generally finding ways of making this as difficult as possible for myself.

well, enough of that.

NGD and HHNF will see publication on the Kindle either tomorrow or Friday, come Hell or high water.* i’ve done the work, put in the time, pored over the details, and now it needs to be done. they need to be set free and i need to get on with more writing.

that last is actually the worst part of all this. i’ve spent at least 6 weeks on this process, without writing hardly anything of consequence**, and it’s beginning to wear away at me. that, and the lack of sleep. like right now, when i should be in bed, snoring up a storm.



* ooh! title for future Kelly & Umber book right there!

** not entirely true. i have been carving away at the revisions of a particular not-so-short story which i hope will see the light of day soon, but as far as the books i have in the hopper (Another Night…, Running on Empty…, the 3rd K&U book), nothing.