tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow . . .

got away from me, actually.

so, it wasn’t yesterday, but today, just now, about 5 minutes ago, that i finally pushed NGD and HHNF into the Amazon-ian ether of the Kindle. now i just have to wait 12-48 hours, and then, with any luck, all this fussing over details will be done and my ever-supportive, incredibly enduring, martyr of a wife will no longer have to listen to me fuss with it, and i can finally return to being a fully-functioning* participant in our relationship again**!

until then, though, until i actually see it up on Amazon, i’m going to assume something still needs fixing, so we’ll hold off the official release announcement until then, but i at least wanted to show that i made it past those devilish details and set it free.

* or at least mostly

** and just in time, too!