Official Release on Kindle for No Good Deed & Hell Hath No Fury

not sure what else to say about that, other than to humbly suggest you check them out if you’ve got a Kindle or Kindle-friendly device*:

i’m thrilled to see them available, and thrilled to be able to stop obsessing about them. well, to obsess less about them, anyway. i’m also thrilled to feel free to move on to what’s next with my writing, which currently looks to be a final pass on Another Night…, although this really fun idea that kept me up for an hour scribbling in my journal like a fool the other night may well jump the queue.

not ahead of The Road To Hell (Kelly & Umber 3) or Pawn (All Prophets Are Liars 2), however, both of which are well in place. Kelly & Umber have some serious work on their hands, and Rick may be back home, but he’s anything but safe and certainly not sound.

right now, though, i have a mobile hanger to make for a baby that’s due just about any minute. how cool is that?

* i do realize that the Kindle-specific release is a limiting factor, but i intend to publish them both for the Nook, Kobo and others once the initial 3-month Kindle-exclusive agreement is up. small consolation to those folks using these other devices, but i hope to make it up to you very soon.

  1. I just recently discovered Kelly an umber Adam anxious to read the next installement of this series!! When do you think you will have a release date? Not to push you along or anything. Thanks Amanda

    • Thanks so much, Amanda! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying them and excited for the next one. Book 3 is due out this winter, which is a bit of a wait, but I hope not too long*. Thanks again for stopping by!

      * and a little push never hurt :)

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