The best excuse for not blogging (or doing anything), ever!

we had a baby! after all my wife’s amazing, painful, incredible, and wondrous* work, we have a beautiful, healthy, miraculous** baby girl!

i’ll tell you what, though, these first few weeks are a test all their own. those of you with children are certainly nodding your head in sagely understanding. those of you without children, well, let’s just say that this time is not for the faint of heart or short of temper.

but to hold our child that first time, to see her smile at us***, to watch her big bright eyes take in this amazing new world . . . indescribable.

* and these pathetic superlatives are entirely incapable of accurately expressing all that she has done, but they are all I have right now.

** at least according to a previous physician who clearly did not know my wife.

*** in those brief moments when not hungry or needing a diaper change!