No Good Deed reviewed!

Did Annabell Cadiz of Open Book Society and TeAmNeRd like No Good Deed?

“Kelly has become one of my new favorite heroines!”

I’m taking that as a yes :)

Check out the full review here:

I’m working from a sleep deficit thanks to the joys of new parenthood, but this news was better than caffeine!  This is the first completely independent review of NGD, and I am obviously thrilled. Annabell has been extremely supportive of the writing and of the demands of a new baby, for which I’m very grateful. She even asked me to do a guest post and interview, so keep an eye out for those coming soon.

In other writing news, I’ve actually been quietly busy, with my (not-so) short story, “The Revisionist”, getting its final polish and being sent out yesterday, along with last polish on another short, “The Aesthetician”. I’m also halfway through the (hopefully) final revision of a third short, “Have Mech, Will Travel”. These last two should be out to markets some time this evening, with any luck.

After that, the plan is to dive into the final pass of Another Night at the End of the World to get it ready for publication!

Now, however, to the day job!

  1. Thanks, Mom :)

    New baby sleep hours have certainly been a . . . let’s call it a ‘learning process’. I’m getting time where I can, but I wouldn’t have even that without the support of my amazing wife.

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