5 minutes (plus a little help)

I did a little bit of revision today on Have Mech, Will Travel, but I was stymied when I discovered a fairly major plot flaw in the main character’s background. ‘Discovered’ might be the wrong word, actually, as I recognized the issue immediately and remembered sensing it as I wrote (and summarily relegating it to be fixed in a later draft in order to continue the flow of writing at the time).

However, the various re-arrangements I tried failed to resolve the discrepancy, and I remained stuck. Just then, the baby needed changing, and then the rest of the day passed in other pursuits. This as okay, in my experience, as these kinds of impasses are often best left for the subconscious or distracted mind to address. No great insights came, however, until dinner when I mentioned the conundrum to my wife.

Without pause, she asked me why the situation was, in fact, a plot flaw. I explained that the protagonist couldn’t have been both A and B in his earlier years.

She asked me why not, going on to explain that the one could easily precede the other without any question or confusion. Even as she spoke, I saw the truth of it, as well as the very simple and brief adjustment I would need to make to the text.

And thus, my wife saves my sanity yet again.