Unfairly awesome

Our First Rope SwingWe spent most of this beautiful day outside, which was great, starting with a nice morning walk of someone else’s neighborhood* and a visit to the local farm market for lovely greens and some rhubarb(!). Later, Mary planted our entire garden and I hung our first rope swing, seen here!** Lillian’s too young by a long shot, but our niece is coming to visit in June, so Trinity, this is for you!

Lillian was great all day, and after lunch, she and I took a nap***, while Mary finished her incredible work in the garden (cucumbers, beets, squash [multiple types], beans, tomatoes, kale, swiss chard, potatoes, and more!).

And, for icing on the cake, I checked the interwebs (after I got the crick out of my neck from the nap) and found this review of No Good Deed:

“I just loved how the author was able to take a paranormal situation and add realism to it; definitely unique to these types of books. This will be one book that will take you on a roller-coaster of a ride…”
– Lacey, The Page Turner

Some days, life feels unfairly awesome.

Did I mention Mary just made some maple butter cookies?


* Because we don’t actually have a neighborhood, only the one road with a speed limit of 30 mph and an average vehicle speed of 50-ish. Generally speaking, if we want to go for a walk, we have to get in the car.

** Okay, so that doesn’t really sound like a terribly balanced share of work, but I can make the simple things  really complicated. Trust me.

*** I really love being a Dad.

  1. See, folks? This is exactly what I’m talking about: More amazingly unfair awesomeness!

    For which I am deeply grateful, love.

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