Big night on the home front.

We stared at the baby.

Mary and I were pretty tired by the time we got home, so after Lillian was done nursing, we ate in a mostly dumb silence as we stared at our happy little girl. Mary eventually played a little guitar for her, which was lovely, but mostly we just stared in grateful (and sleepy) wonder.

I can think of few better things.

In writing news, it’s been slower than expected doing the (hopefully) final pass for my most recent short story, but the edits themselves are now done and typing them up is going quite smoothly, so that’s exciting. I was especially pleased with a particular plot flaw I discovered during the edits which, I think, I’ve found the proper answer for. It deviated somewhat from the edits I made, but I think this updated edit works much more effectively. Less usually is more.

After this is the final pass for Another Night at the End of the World, which I’ve already printed and is sitting in a binder waiting anxiously for its turn.

First things first, though: day job!