No Good Deed goes FREE tonight at midnight!

No Good Deed - Cover

Despite a day of being unable to get out of my own way*, No Good Deed will be available for FREE at from midnight tonight through midnight Sunday night!

That’s 3 whole days to get your own copy without costing a penny, so what are you waiting for? (Well, aside from another few hours before the promo actually begins.)

No Kindle? No problem. Amazon has apps for downloading and reading Kindle books on nearly every platform.

Once again: No Good Deed will be FREE from 6/1 – 6/3! Starting tonight!

Don’t forget to tell your friends (relatives, co-workers, strangers on the street), and please share what you think!


* mainly small frustrating things like accidentally throwing a sock into the no-man’s-land behind the washer and drier, or accidentally catching a piece of wood with my foot which proceeded to tumble down the garage stairs and into my bike which fell over onto my wife’s bike which fell over onto the lawn mower, or completely missing piano practice, or tweeting this very super awesome free promo and using the completely incorrect link . . . well, it wouldn’t really be my promo if I didn’t muck something up!