Update: Smashwords, Baby, and still writing

Quiet week on the blog here (except for that ridiculous rant about technology early this week), but I’ve decided to avoid relaxing and instead fill my time with getting NGD and HHNF up on Smashwords, which means they are now available for downloads direct from Smashwords in just about any format (.epub, .mobi, etc.):

No Good Deed –

Hell Hath No Fury – 

If you’ve been wanting to check them out, but want to use your Nook, iPad, Sony Reader, kobo, and most any other device, now’s your chance.

They will eventually be available directly through the various stores (B&N, Sony, etc.), but I think I missed the cutoff for this week’s distribution, so it will probably be a couple weeks before that happens.

So that’s the big news book-wise.

I should also do more of a celebration of this, but I’ve been up since  a little before 4 and the brain is a bit melty. But I was up because our wonderful little girl was up, and, honestly, even at 4am that’s a magical thing. After she finished eating, my wife went back to sleep (she’s got to last the whole day with this little bundle of energy!) and I took Lillian downstairs with me. We spent about 15 minutes staring at each other before her eyes finally shut and I went crazy with Smashwords.

Those 15 minutes, though? Priceless.

And, just FYI, I’ve been keeping at the edits for the latest short story, with a good chunk of work yesterday. Hopeful to finish this weekend.

There’s other stuff, too, but I need breakfast.