July? Wait a second…

Well, after 3 weeks of losing and winning and losing and winning and losing a fight with a head cold, I seem to be finally coming out the other side. Mostly. It wasn’t horrific, but I haven’t been that sick for that long for a long time, and I think I bumped up the Kleenex stock for the quarter. Thankfully, my wife and daughter, both of whom were unfortunate enough to catch it, didn’t get it nearly as bad (few things as humbling and frustrating as trying to care for a newborn with a cold and not really being able to do anything to help).

This means the months has been largely a haze (not helped by the frequent rain and heat), and I have been almost completely absent from posting here, which I’ve missed a lot. Most days, though, it was barely enough to work on some writing, and then only barely 5 minutes of editing, in most cases.

But I did do at least those 5 minutes! And now that I’m feeling better, I’m getting back into a morning routine and really looking forward to better and regular progress on the edits for Another Night at the End of the World, regardless of this past week’s rejection note regarding that short story I’d re-written upon their request.

Oh, well. I’ll just have to send them another one. The other story, though, is too long for every other market I’ve found. It definitely has mainstream cross-over appeal, but at a bit more than 12,000 words, it’s simply out of bounds for most. It’s a good story, though, if I do say so myself. Perhaps I should just make it a book and be done with it? After Another Night…  and The Road to Hell and All Prophets… #2, of course. Right.

Such is the writing life.

So is this: Tomorrow kicks off the official No Good Deed blog tour! Annabell Cadiz of Illuminated Tours has put together a great lineup with a full schedule of reviews, giveaways, interviews and guest posts. Click the link for the daily breakdown of when and where we’ll be!