NGD Tour starts today and K&U 3 gets priority

Because you’ve been waiting with baited breath, I just wanted to let you know that the No Good Deed Tour has officially begun, starting with an interview with Kelly over at TeamNerd. The month is packed with stuff, so be sure to check out the full schedule over at Illuminated Tours, and I’ll be posting direct links to the pieces as they happen, over here.

In related news, after several depressing weeks slogging through the edits for Another Night at the End of the World, it became painfully apparent that this was not, in fact, going to be the ‘final pass’ that I had hoped, which necessarily led to a very unfortunate domino-effect: If I want to do it right (and that’s really the only way I know of approaching things*) and reach for the very high hopes I have for the story, I can’t see it reaching publication until the Fall, which would push Kelly & Umber #3 out to Spring, and All Prophets #2 to next Fall, at best, and so on.

I am very sad and very frustrated that Another Night… is not where I wanted it to be**, but I have decided to put it back on the shelf for the time being. On the up-side, though, this means I will be taking on The Road To Hell (Kelly & Umber #3) starting immediately, which I’m very excited about! It’s been more than a year since I finished Hell Hath No Fury, and Kelly and Umber have some seriously unfinished business to take care of.


* The success of that approach is not necessarily a proven thing, by any means, but hey, I try.

** Or, perhaps more accurately, I am not where I need to be for it. The pages have more cross-outs, revisions, re-cross-outs, re-revisions and re-re-crossouts than actual text. It’s genuinely ridiculous.

  1. Hey, maybe it’s maddening to you, but I’ve always been a fan of your “only way…of approaching.” I’m an even a bigger fan of the fact that you are now a dad. Belated congratulations. I can think of no more qualified human for the gig.

    • Mike! Great to hear from you, and thank you! Yes, it’s madness, but a good madness, I think (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). As for being a new dad, I’m just trying to do my best. The honest truth, though, is that Lillian is making it pretty easy (well, now that we’re past those first several weeks….), as is Mary. I say it a lot but it’s always true: I’m the luckiest man I know.

      I hope all is well with you and yours, and that you’re enjoying some of this beautiful weather! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello!

  2. Yes, life is good. We live in Yarmouth now, where we just completed our first Clam Festival, held close to our front door. The lads are 10 and 12 — lanky, pleasant and amusing most of the time.

    • 10 and 12, already? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised; I have a completely new appreciation for the speed at which things go, now that I have my own. Very glad to hear things are good, though. Well, except for the 100,000 people tromping past your front door, but it’s only one weekend a year, so that’s not so bad.

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