Not too shabby, if I do say so myself

After deciding to put Another Night . . .  up on the shelf for a little longer and instead jump into Kelly & Umber #3, I realized that it’s been a couple years since I finished Hell Hath No Fury, and probably 3 since No Good Deed. This was brought home to me for Kelly’s interview over at TeamNerd, that launched the July NGD tour (which I need to update!). While I had a lot of fun with this, I had to go back and skim a few parts of the first book to make sure I still had Kelly’s voice and character.

Now, I already have the full multi-drafted outline for the third book done (it’s been sitting on my desk for almost a year, actually*), and I was hoping to be able to just pick it up and run. Doing the interview, though, made me realize that this would be a bad idea. It’s been too long since I hung out with these people. I needed to get to know them again.

So I’m reading the books over. In fact, I’m nearly finished with NGD. While there certainly are issues**, I’m actually really enjoying it. For me, that’s saying something. I enjoyed it when I wrote it (and revised, revised, revised it), but to come back after a few years and still have that same experience? That’s pretty cool.

Like I said, there’s plenty I’d change, but nothing fundamental, nothing plot-impacting (or even close), and that feels very, very good. Even better? This has really jazzed me for writing the third part, to get back into the thick of things with these people, and watch what happens. Even better-er***? I got the proper title for the third book! Instead of The Road To Hell, which I’ll be saving for a more apt installment yet to come (but already in the planning stages), K&U 3 will be called The Devil You Know, which I like as a saying, anyway, and it feels much more appropriate for the events of the upcoming book (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!).

So, yeah, not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Of course, I still have 4 chapters to go . . .

* I’m certainly not complaining, but that’s what having a baby will do :)

** An embarrassing number of small typos — I think close to 2 dozen; several places where I neglected to replace underscores around words with actual italicized formatting; more than a few places where I would just like to change the wording or fix a phrase or some such — but that’s a topic for another day . . .

*** thbbbppttttt!