sick baby + sick daddy + sick humidity = blech

So, this week hasn’t been the fabulously auspicious start to The Devil You Know that I had hoped, but, well, that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Yes, our little girl is sick with a lingering head cold that makes her sound like a chain-smoker, but she’s been a trooper through it all. It still amazes me that, even when she’s sick or angry or otherwise not happy, she can still manage to find a smile for something that amuses her. We are very lucky.

As for the rest, I’m just a whiner, really. So I’ve got a head cold myself, and  I’ve never been a fan of humidity, but  I’m not bedridden and we have a couple air conditioners keeping things bearable. That last item is the most telling thing, for me, because there were no air conditioners around when I was growing up. We slept in our underwear on bare sheets with our beds positioned directly in front of a window fan. I remember being not thrilled about this setup, but that was simply the way it was.

30+ years later, I melt in anything over 75, complaining the whole dang time. How soft I have become.

And that’s kind of the point, I guess. On some level, I’ve become more focused on who I was (what I was capable of, etc.), than who I am. That’s just normal, I think (I hope!). I know, consciously, that I’m not fading away any time soon (I did 2 triathlons and a 100-mile bike ride last year), but I am also coming to recognize certain realities. Of course, this could easily be seen as a downer, but it’s really not.

Well, okay, it sure felt that way to begin with, but I think I’ve gotten past that.

Accepting mortality doesn’t necessarily mean ‘the end is nigh’. For me, it’s about being wiser (hopefully) with the choices I make and the things I do, as well as appreciating the moments and people in my life more, which is never a bad thing.

And just because I might see the limitations, doesn’t mean I have to abide by them :)

Time for a bike ride.


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