rejection: the best motivator, ever

I know I’ve been away for a while. Apologies. That will change.

I received my latest short story rejection today. I was actually starting to get anxiously optimistic*, thanks to a near miss with a previous submission to this market and this new story seeming to be an even stronger hit to their sweet spot. Alas,  not to be.

As I sat on our front steps, with the rejection slip beside me and my baby girl on my knee, I considered my options.

  1. Take the hint.
  2. Try harder.

There was a lot more to it than that (including some wallowing, I’ll admit), but that’s what it came down to. Other things are going on in my life that also touch upon this fairly clear — if not uncomplicated — choice, lending credible support to both sides. I don’t really feel up to going into all that, though, so let’s just skip to the conclusion:

I choose B.

More to come.


* My own damn fault, I know.

**  I’ve yet to have a single story accepted at a paying market (and only one accepted at all, at a non-paying, now-defunct market) after more years trying than I’d care to admit right now.


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