Not in the sense of mental health (or lack thereof) — though it might seem that way to an objective observer.

Instead, in the spirit of ‘trying harder’, I’m going to get back to using this blog as my goal/deadline/reward/threat for my daily writing. I’m committing to posting 6 days a week (giving myself a free day), but not until I’ve made progress on TDYK, and no blogging for longer than I spent on said writing.

That last bit might actually be the hardest, thanks to my excessive revisionist tendencies, but I need to stick to that.

So, yeah, another thrill-filled couple of months, here.

That said, I’ve actually been writing since the beginning of the month. Not as much as I might like, but that’s really what this whole excersize/refocusing is all about. Besides, 23 hand-written pages is a not-insignficant start for 2+ weeks, and Kelly’s already been through the ringer again, in a whole new way. It’s still amazing to me that I can ‘know’ where the story is going, but still be completely surprised by each step the characters make.

Okay, time’s up.* Wonder what tomorrow morning will bring…


* See, I told you: Half a dozen sentences in nearly a half hour. Pathetic, I know.