Big things in little packages.

Only about 15 minutes for writing this morning, but just before I finished, one of the characters dropped a bombshell that I was completely surprised by. It may well be a game changer for Kelly.

I’m still trying to think through the ramifications of it*, but however it plays out, it’s going to leave a mark.


This is why I write.


* Seriously. I had no idea this was coming and I need to figure out how it might impact the current storyline. I’m against a complete change in direction, and I don’t think it actually warrants that, but I’m trying to remain open to the way the story and characters need to go (while also making sure I’m not running off the rails just because something sounded good at the time).

  1. Would it help to know that I am anxiously awaiting TDYK? Or does that too much pressure? lol Looking forward to the finished product. Keep on keeping on! :)

    • I’m not sure if I can overstate how much that helps, Terri Ann. Truly. Thank you very, very much! That’s the best kind of pressure :D

  2. As long as you aren’t planning to kill any of the people I like or turn Kelly into a milktoast, I am on board with it. :)

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