I lied, apparently

Well, perhaps that’s a bit hard; it was more like I didn’t know any better.*

I’m talking about the many times during the recent blog tours for No Good Deed that I was asked whether becoming a new father had had any impact on my writing. At the time, I said no, at least as far as the stories themselves went (there obviously has been an impact on writing time, etc.). In the last few weeks, though, I have come to see that is not the case.

Kelly remains Kelly and her stories, present and future, remain the same as they were before the baby; so, too, with the All Prophets series. However, I’ve begun toying with new ideas for other pieces, both shorts and novels, and the ideas that keep coming to me are very closely connected to my new perspective as a father. This will come as no surprise to anyone but me, I’m sure. I tend to be a bit behind the curve with such things.

This doesn’t mean I’m stopping Kelly or the others, and though today was another brief shot, about half a page, I also did a little research with an atlas, which was fun.




* though I wonder if it was a coincidence that this morning’s reading to Lillian of Black Beauty was chapter 19: ‘Only ignorance’, in which it is explicitly and sharply described that ignorance does not excuse the young farmhand of responsibility for not properly caring for Beauty.

  1. As a middle-age (how I hate that word…it makes me sound so old) wife and mother, I deeply indentify with Kelly’s insecurities as she finds her strengths and overcomes challenges both personal and professional. She inspires me and makes me laugh. Though you may do other things, please don’t let Kelly’s story end anytime soon. And in the meantime take every sleep deprived moment to enjoy that new baby. Babies do change things tremendously but they are so worth it!!! :) And grandbabies are even better!!!

    • No worries there, Terri Ann. Kelly’s story still has a ways to go. In fact, today saw some unexpected (but very exciting) work on several future directions. To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the places she’ll go!” I am very excited and humbled to hear that Kelly has touched such a chord, and I deeply appreciate the encouragement.

      And thanks for the thoughts around our little girl. It’s amazing how something so trying and draining can be so wondrous and amazing (where even those adjectives pale in comparison to the reality). Thank you!

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