2 steps forward . . .

I almost forgot to post today, which is odd since I actually got more writing in. I got a bit more than 2 pages written*, which felt quite good, until I reached the end and realized I’d made a mistake in the chronology. It’s not horrible, but it does mean I need to buck up and drop most of what I wrote and start again, rather than try to shoehorn the pieces that might still work into some kind of re-organized framework.

It’s always so much more appealing to try the latter route, because I’ve already written this stuff down and spent the time on it, but I’ve learned** that it will take me far longer to piecemeal a revision that works from what I currently have than it would for me to start anew from an earlier point. The parts of what I will be ‘throwing away’ that truly are good will stick with me and still make it into the final result. The other bits are the babies I needed to kill anyway***, but as too afraid and attached to do.

It struck me that this isn’t the first time this has happened (as you have no doubt noticed well before this), and I realized that writing for shorter stretches at a time requires a more strict attention to continuity, perhaps by skimming recent pages to get back up to speed before diving in. Not sure yet, but I’ll be working on it.


* Thanks to my wife sending me over the garage in no uncertain terms while she watched over the baby

** The long, slow, difficult, deceitful way (and more than once)

*** Okay, as a father, now, I feel like I should feel worse than I do about using this phrase. Does anyone know a non-murderous alternative?

  1. I am trying to think of a better colloquialism but my sleep-deprived brain isn’t firing all cylinders.

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