Making things difficult is easier.

Another good couple of pages written today, with things going from bad to worse for Kelly & company!

What? It’s not intentional, really! I’m just an observer here, not some malevolent puppeteer.*

Seriously, though, and not to avoid the blame, but I’m again surprised at the way the characters take their own cues with things, going in their own directions (or straight into one another, as is perhaps more often the case), and coming up with their own rationalizations, perspectives and reactions. Some of it is a bit heavy-handed (where I start pushing my own two cents into the equation when it is entirely uncalled for and I know already this will be taken out in revision), but overall things feel right and are starting to flow better, after a recent rough patch, which is a very nice change.


*  Though, yes, I suppose it can sometimes read that way.