Getting ahead of myself

This morning Mary sent me over the garage to get some writing done while she took care of Lillian, but what I ended up writing was a bit off track. Well, not off the track, actually. More like miles (and miles and miles) ahead of TDYK.

It started with an idea while I was in the shower* that just kept blossoming, expanding and developing** into something I was entirely unprepared for. I don’t want to talk too much about it now, in case it all implodes after further thought, but if what I got down today holds up to long-term scrutiny, this could be really freaking amazing, and what it would mean for Kelly and company is . . . whoa.

As I said, though, it could all fall apart after a few days of consideration, so first things first: Back to TDYK tomorrow.


* One of the very best places to find ideas.

** Danger, Will Robinson!