50 pages!

51, actually, but who’s counting, right? Except me, obviously.

Anyway, this morning I got some devoted time and the result was 5 solid pages of smooth, cool, twisty (in a good way) material, with some great dialogue . That conversation that I was looking forward to didn’t go quite as I expected it to, but it really works* and adds some more great drama and tension.

I’ll admit I’m a little worried that there haven’t been any full actions scenes , so far, which may well need to be addressed, but I think the interactions have been ‘active’ in their own right. We’ll see.

For now, though, I’m very excited! Tempered only by the fact that it’s time for the day job, but hey, paying  on time bills is exciting too!


* At least, it feels that way, now. As always, all positivity is subject to change upon further consideration.


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