Darn-ed awesome!

I wrote 2 pages this morning, including a powerful emotional moment which I hope is a nice surprise for the readers and a moment of grounding, as well as the impending arrival of a new-ish character. New-ish¬†because this person will be new to readers, but not to the larger storyline and world, and I’ve been waiting for the right moment to introduce her. I didn’t actually think it would be in this book, but that just shows how little this author knows.

However, as great as this morning’s writing was, I think I am most proud of the half-hour or so I spent darning* a tear in one of my shirts that’s been waiting for me to get around to it for at least a year. No, it wasn’t a big tear, and yes, it took a half-hour. I didn’t say I was good at it, I just said I did it.


* Get it? Darning? Darn-ed awesome? I slay me.

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