I just blew my mind

Thanks to the holiday off from work and daycare still being open*, my wife and I are making more headway on a bunch of projects, including prepping the house for the baby as well as some seasonal stuff like clothes and raking and so on, which has been both necessary and critical for our sanity.

In addition to all this, though, Mary made sure to send me over the garage to write and I just spent an hour and half scribbling like mad to the tune of 4 tight-packed pages of material that I had no idea was waiting for me. An old character we haven’t heard much from lately suddenly started talking and just didn’t stop. It was a massive info-dump, but the info is so fundamental, so up-ending to many expectations (my own included), and just so dang cool that I couldn’t stop.

My back is paying the price for it now, but it was so worth it. I’m sure I’ll have to tighten and trim here and there, but I really think it works, and what it says — not only about Kelly & company, but also about a number of bigger things — will keep the reader hooked.

I hope.

Well, I think it’s dang cool, anyway.

And now to get to that raking.


* We’re both doing our best to minimize our guilt over this, but a long string of mostly sleepless nights is mitigating that factor. A nap this morning was one of the first items on our list.