Ahoy, there!

I’m writing in a bit of uncharted water, so to speak. The outline is still solid, but this is one of those places where the connection between items X and Y turns out to be more nuanced than I initially imagined. Successful navigation of these areas also tends to hinge upon small but significant items for the characters involved. Normally, this is not an issue, but when I’m stuck in a stretch of 5-minute writing days*, the flow and reality of the scene is far harder to maintain.

Still, we try.


* Even when those 5 minutes turn into 20 or so.**

** Which reminds me: I neglected to mention yesterday that my poor timing was actually the result of unrealistic deadlines I gave myself, which my wife very tactfully tried to remind me of, but which I was stubbornly in denial of.*** And her equanimity was all the more impressive given my complete absence that evening while trying to do other, less important things.

*** Isn’t ending with prepositions fun? Multiple times in one sentence, no less!