Incremental progress IS STILL PROGRESS.

I didn’t write yesterday. That’s the second time in 2 months. Pretty good odds.

Still don’t feel good about not writing. Mainly because it suddenly felt so much easier not to write today, which is a terribly inviting downward spiral. For all the complaining I do about the very incremental progress of this book, it’s all been progress. Every single day (but those two, of course). It’s been 64 days since I started and I’m on page 78. That’s a bit better than a page a day, and since my handwritten pages generally average about 350 -400 words, that’s — hold on, I need to get my calculator — 108 pages (or just shy of 27K words).

For about 10-15 minutes of writing each day, that’s hard to complain about.

And it was more than enough of a realization to resist the siren call of procrastination, resulting in 20 minutes today. Another 3/4 page.

And only a couple minutes longer than it took me to write this post.