My wife is Superwoman

I’ll try to spare you the gory details, but Mary took care of Lillian all night last night, when there was nothing we could do but hold her and try to soothe her and rock her gently between bouts when she was only awake long enough to throw up some more. We went through every towel of hers, plus all of ours, except one. Through it all, Mary never wavered, keeping Lillian with her, cleaning her, calming her, until the midnight arrival of sick-free normal sleep. Four hours later, Mary was up to nurse her. An hour after that, she was up when Lillian woke for the day. Two hours later, with Lillian showing no further signs of sickness, Mary left to chaperone a bus-load of students to Boston for the day (yes, on a Saturday*). And when she gets back tonight (12 hours later, including 5 hours on the road) , we have a Halloween party  to attend with friends we haven’t seen in a while about an hour north.

And me? After I collected the last of the sick-i-fied towels and sheets and got the laundry going — the only productive thing I could really do for either one of them — I fell asleep, waking only at 5 when Lillian woke for the day.

Tomorrow, Mary gets to do whatever (including nothing) she wants to do. Here’s hoping she takes me up on it.

[And yes, I wrote this morning, but it really hardly bears mentioning in comparison, doesn’t it?]

* I hope you get some good naps on the bus, my love.


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