Got more time! Cue the self-doubt.

So, super-storm Sandy caused outages at one of my day jobs, so I got today mostly free. Woohoo! right?

Well, yeah. Sort of.

While I did get another 3 pages today, the combined work of the last couple days has brought home to me that this is a much more dialogue-heavy story than the previous two. The action so far has been minimal, at least in light of what has gone on in books 1 and 2. There’s a hell (no pun intended) of a final section coming up, but I’m worried that I’m talking too much, that the characters are sounding more like me and less like themselves, and that’s definitely not a good thing, because, as this sentence alone shows, I often don’t know when to stop.

To put the best possible spin on it, it seems that I’m writing a thriller/whodunit. This is by no means a bad thing, and I really like what I’ve written, and I think the pacing still works quite well, but when I think about this story in light of the others, I wonder if readers will go for it.

To that end, I’ve been considering ways of generating more activity in earlier spots, but this has me feeling nervous too, because I don’t want to add something just to add it. It’s important to me that everything makes sense, both in the moment of reading it, and when people think back over it (assuming anyone actually spends time thinking about these stories after they’ve finished them). Forced action is as obvious and unsatisfying to me as boring content.

So, as usual, I’m left with the realization that I simply can’t make such decisions mid-stream. More often than not, such attempts on my part lead to ruin (or, at least, days and weeks and even months of frustrated revision).

So quit whining and get back to the writing, ya’ eejit.


  1. I like your Yosemite Sam voice. Now I will picture him sitting on your shoulder, thrashing his hat around and goading you into writing one more page. :)

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