Yesterday I mentioned how amazed I repeatedly am that the littlest things can have some of the most profoundest changes on a character or scene.

Well, that was just the start.

This morning, that seemingly discrete change in that one conversation opened the door to a scene I hadn’t intended, but which the story was desperately in need of. It came on me gradually, just following Kelly after that conversation, until it led her, physically and mentally, to a place and realization of deep significance, for her, for the story and for the series.

I fear over-stating the value, here, but I think the result will bear these expectations out, perhaps most because the moment is more understated than one might expect. My hope is that the moment comes to the reader in the same way it does to Kelly, in seemingly unconnected pieces that slowly fit together to an unexpected whole. If I can achieve this (an admittedly big ‘if’), then all my recent worries about the story will be proven groundless.

Here’s hoping!